Where you go to manage your emergency.


Mass Notification, Communication, Documentation, Mapping, ERPs and Public Safety.
In an emergency, your response needs to be immediate, efficient, scalable and effective. H2CommandCentre assembles your response team with one click, creating an effective common operating picture and essential unified communication. The GIS component allows for dynamic map access with Mass Notification capabilities for Public Safety. Assign ICS roles to your responders and automatically generate ICS org charts, while you easily access your site-specific ERPs and key company information.

We are industry leaders and innovators, and H2CommandCentre is another step in changing the way people manage emergencies worldwide.


Assemble your response team with one click.

Effortlessly notify and assemble your emergency response team(s) in an instant from your phone or computer. H2CommandCentre allows you to immediately provide the entire response team with critical information (ICS 201, site pictures, spill trajectories, etc.), creating an effective common operating picture in the first operational period. The app provides an easy to use and essential unified communication system, overcoming the number obstacle in emergency response.

  • Easily manage multiple lists of responders
  • Manage check-in, check-out and resource requirements
  • Active Directory Synchronization ensures easy password management and IT security

Emergency Response Plan Integration

H2CommandCentre integrates your Emergency Response Plan(s) and gives you the confidence and clarity to react in an instant. Your ERP is instantly accessible and automatically updated to ensure you always stay compliant.

  • Instant digital access
  • Automatic updates
  • Full customized ERPs

GIS | Mapping, Public Safety and Spill Response

H2CommandCentre’s GIS component allows you to see the big picture. Generate lists of residents, area users, government agencies and other critical stakeholders in seconds. Instantly notify all affected stakeholders in seconds with customized messaging.

  • Complete topography and satellite area mapping, including roads, oil and gas operations, and waterways
  • Dispatch personnel to response locations with hazard maps and accurate driving directions
  • Manage and instantly access the correct spill response plans and available resources

Response Team Notification and Unified Communication

H2CommandCentre allows you to instantly notify the correct response team members and know who is responding. Create a common operating picture by ensuring all responders get the same information (i.e. Incident Objectives, ICS 201, Safety Data Sheets, ICP location, etc.).

  • Unified communication with ALL responders
  • Scalable—add or remove response with one click
  • Urgent, Private and Direct Message functions ensuring effective communication
  • Assign ICS positions to responders and automatically document the positions assignments and any changes.

Documentation & Reporting

Every notification and communication is automatically dated and time stamped. When it’s time to review, H2CommandCentre allows you to instantly generate reports for dissemination and post incident reporting.

  • Manage ICS forms and documents
  • Automatically generate ICS Organization charts
  • Manage all attached documents and pictures
  • Manage all training and exercise activities and documentation


With H2CommandCentre you aren’t just preparing and responding to an emergency, you’re controlling it. For more information, email us at info@h2safety.ca